Installing a new roof is an experience that troubles most homeowners. Many think that a new roof installation means that their home with have no roof on it, that rain and snow and leaves will come falling in while roofers are on lunch break. This is simply not the case with new roof installation. Roofers are sensitive to your needs, and they are not about to do anything to your home that you don’t want done. Hopefully, your nerves have been somewhat allayed about roofing installation, so let’s move onto how to prepare.


All re-roofs are carried out with the installation of sisulation blanket to properly insulate your roof and home against seasonal temperature fluctuations. All our reroofs include the clean-up and hauling away of all roofing debris.


If any of the following are true, a complete tear-off of the existing roof system(s) should be considered; Too many layers, bad decking, Ice dams and Incompatible shingles. Depending on what materials were used in the old layers of roofing, it is sometimes impossible to install a new roof over the old. The appearance would be less than acceptable. It is also possible to tear off one layer without tearing off all layers below it.


We offer roof maintenance programs to provide you with peace of mind. Call us for details: (818) 388-3269


We install and maintain 5-inch seamless aluminum rain gutters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly can you complete my roof?
3 days for shingles, 3-5 for tiles.. * May vary depending on sq. ft.

Do you do multi-story homes?
We do 1 and 2 story homes.

What are your warranties?
Labor is covered for 5 years, roofs are covered by manufacturer. 30, 40, 50, Lifetime warranties available for shingles. 50 and Lifetime warranties available for tile.

Do you offer maintenance?
Ask us about our Yearly Roof Maintenance..
Call for an appointment.